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Faculty of Medicine Junior Staff Development and Equal Opportunity


Gender Equality at the Faculty of Medicine

Leaky Pipeline at Faculty of Medicine 2021

As is the case in many areas of society, gender equality has not yet been achieved in medicine either. Men still make up the vast majority of professorships, while women face various forms of sexual discrimination both during their studies and afterwards in clinical and research settings. For example, women experience sexual harassment, microagressions, and face sexist prejudice.

Leaky Pipeline

The leaky pipeline shows the gender ratio along the scientific career. While women outnumber men when they enter university, the ratio reverses at the professorship level. Because the university does not succeed in maintaining the proportion of women in higher positions, this is figuratively referred to as a leaky pipeline, which loses more of its contents with every meter.

For more information, see the Gender Equality Monitoringof the UZH Gender Equality and Diversity Department.

Mission Junior Staff Development and Equal Opportunity

The University of Zurich (UZH) as well as the Faculty of Medicine (MeF) understand equal opportunities and equality of all genders as an essential prerequisite for scientific quality.

With the Equal Opportunity Commission MeF, established in December 2021, the goal is to achieve within medicine at the University of Zurich both the realization of equal opportunities and diversity as well as equality according to the Code of Conduct Gender Policy as well as the Diversity Policy of UZH of men, women, non-binary and diverse-gendered people through inclusion of difference and diversity.

Londa Schiebinger's „Gendered Innovations“ approach is used to improve equity:

  1. Fix the Numbers - Increase participation of the underrepresented gender
  2. Fix the Institutions - Promote equal career opportunities through structural change
  3. Fix the Knowledge - Include biological and social components of gender in teaching and research.

Action Plan Equal Opportunity 2022-2026.

The Action Plan is both a vision and a framework for orientation and action for the activities of the Equal Opportunity Commission of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zurich for the period 2022 - 2026.

Fields of Action in the Actionplan 2022-2026

The action plan defines four fields of action. Further explanations can be found on the following subpages:

Field of Action A – Study and Teaching

Field of Action B – Academic Junior Staff

Field of Action C – Professorial Appointment

Field of Action D – Culture Change