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Faculty of Medicine Junior Staff Development and Equal Opportunity

Protection Against Sexual Harassment

The University of Zurich has enacted a regulation to ensure protection against sexual harassment «Reglement zum Schutz vor sexueller Belästigung an der Universität Zürich» (in the following RSB). Link to the Zürcher Gesetzessammlung (ZH-Lex)

It is based on the following basic assumption: All university members treat each other with respect. This does not mean that interpersonal relationships at the university should be distanced, purely businesslike and formal. On the contrary, friendly and relaxed interaction between the sexes is desired. However, the regulations state unequivocally that sexual harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Additional Information

For more details, please consult the RSB website:

Protection Against Sexual Harassment UZH


Main Contact

MLaw Sina Staudinger, Managing Director RSB Commission


Prof. Dr. iur. utr. Brigitte Tag

Deputy Investigator

RA lic. iur. Markus Golder, Head of Data Protection Law Department

with the collaboration of MLaw Sina Staudinger, Managing Director of the RSB Commission and the support of the Legal Service of the University of Zurich, Künstlergasse 15, 8001 Zürich