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Faculty of Medicine Junior Staff Development and Equal Opportunity

Junior Faculty Development

The Faculty of Medicine offers you continuing education courses in leadership. The course content is designed to address the challenges you face every day as a junior academic with a leadership role. The courses will equip you with the tools to succeed in the complex environment of clinical activities, research and teaching, while balancing this with a healthy personal life. 
The range of courses is constantly being expanded and adapted to the interests of the target group.

The courses of the Faculty of Medicine are offered in collaboration with the UZH Leadership and Governance Academy and the Vetsuisse Faculty and are part of the Leadership Program for UZH professors (supplementary modules).

Course fees

The course fees will be covered by the Faculty of Medicine and the Vetsuisse Faculty.

Target persons

The program is aimed at participants of the Leadership Program for Professors of the Faculty of Medicine and the Vetsuisse Faculty of the UZH as well as Assistant Professors and Externally funded assistant professorships of the Faculty of Medicine and the Vetsuisse Faculty.

Current courses

Stress management and strengthening resilience

May 31 and June 21, 2024, 08:00-12:00


Upcoming Courses

Innovations in medicine expected 3rd quarter 2024

Past Courses

The following courses already took place:

  • Career Development
  • Leadership and Reconcillation
  • Conflict Management

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