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Faculty of Medicine

Master of Science in Medical Biology

General information

The Master of Science in Medical Biology program enables medical students and graduates (in addition to their regular degree in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine) to gain a basic natural science education which allows them to obtain a Master degree at the Science Faculty of UZH, without previously attaining a Bachelor degree in natural science.

The Master of Science in Medical Biology program is oriented exclusively toward Bachelor and Master students as well as graduates of degree courses in human medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry.

The Master of Science in Medical Biology program is supervised by an Interfaculty steering committee (IMPK), which consists of representatives of the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Vetsuisse Faculty.

3 semesters

Propaedeutic studies

Please refer to the information document (section “Study guides”, right column).

Master Thesis
The Master’s dissertation can only be carried out in one of the research groups of the UZH or ETHZ belonging to the Life Science Zurich Graduate School. Students must endeavor independently to secure a position in a host institution.

Admission requirements

Qualified to apply for this course of studies are those who have completed Bachelor’s studies in human medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry; the course is open to students of all nationalities.

This Master’s course is NOT open to students with a Bachelor’s degree in biology or biotechnology!

Selection of candidates is carried out by the Interfaculty MD-PhD committee (IMPK). Selection criteria include examination scores during medical Bachelor’s or Master’s studies and interviews with two members of the IMPC. In the interview candidates’ prior knowledge of and interest in basic scientific research are determined. Also examined is the extent to which candidates have looked into the research field of the chosen Master’s dissertation, dealt with it intellectually and whether they possess the aptitude to implement this research in an operative manner.

At the time of application, applicants must have received confirmation of a position in a host institution in which to conduct the Master’s dissertation. The UZH Admissions Office decides upon admission based on the recommendation of the steering committee.

Study Guide

The study guide can be downloaded in the “Study guides” section on the right.


For details about the application process and required documents, please refer to the study guide.

Application Deadline
28 February (program begins in the subsequent fall semester)
30 September (program begins in the subsequent spring semester)

Language requirements

The language of instruction is English. International Applicants are required to prove adequate competence in English. Further information:


Artemi Bendandi
Institut für Neuropathologie
Schmelzbergstrasse 12
CH 8091 Zürich

E-mail: Artemi Bendandi