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Faculty of Medicine


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Practical education

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zurich provides a comprehensive education in human medicine, dentistry, and chiropractic medicine. We constantly develop our curricula to incorporate the steady advance¬ments made in patient care and in research.

Evidence-based medicine

We have firmly established practical training opportunities in skills labs, peer-teaching, and problem-based learning. In addition, we attach great importance to the ethical cornerstones of medical practice, to patient safety, and to the reliability of the health care system. Finally, we base our degree programs on the latest scientific findings. All of which constitutes the Zurich model of medicine.

High training capacity

Being the largest medical school in Switzerland, we take the country’s growing need for doctors seriously. In the past seven years, we have strongly increased our training capacity. Since the fall semester 2017, 372 students in human medicine and chiropractic medicine, and 50 students in dentistry can qualify annually to study medicine.

In Switzerland, the number of universities educating physicians has grown. In order to provide the students with a modern and qualitatively excellent training, the new training offers necessitate coordination. In order to do so, the Faculty of Medicine of the UZH initiated the Medical Education Network.

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