New personalized skin from the lab is made of epidermis and subcutis. It gives the patient a high-quality and permanent skin.

Cutting-edge research

Our scientists conduct cutting-edge research in both basic research and clinical domains. Our biomedical research expertise is very broad and contributes to making Zurich one of the world’s leading centers in medical research. We promote innovation in all areas of medicine with the goal of developing clinical applications and individualized medicine (translational research).

Research priorities

Our strategic research priority programs investigate the causes of common diseases in order to improve their prevention and treatment; indeed, some of our research priority programs have contributed to the excellent reputation of our Faculty for years. In addition, we have the lead at the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Kidney.CH – Kidney Control of Homeostasis. Our Clinical Research Priorities Programs (CRPP) link and promote key areas of medicine.

Our research priority programs are:

Transversal research areas

The Faculty attaches great value to the current move towards interdisciplinary work in medicine and has established methodological and technological platforms as well as cross-sectional areas. At present, these operate in the fields of molecular basis of medicine, biomaterials, regenerative medicine, transplantation, and imaging.

The immediate proximity to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich creates an attractive environment for successful collaboration. The two universities have established a high-performance network in the area of biomedicine known as Life Science Zurich in order to master the challenges of biomedical research together.

Networks of research activities

The study of medicine is closely linked to other academic disciplines. We encourage partnerships with organizations at national and international level, and we collaborate regularly with other faculties at UZH and with ETH Zurich. These networks strengthen scholarship and clinical excellence, while consolidating Zurich’s international reputation. We take our academic responsibilities seriously and, together with the University’s hospitals, contribute actively to improving the health care sector.

Centers of Competence

Institutes and clinics of the Faculty of Medicine hold leading positions in Centers of Competence the University and the ETH of Zurich. Centers of competence of the University of Zurich