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Special COVID-​19 Call for Projects Grants with Asia

The Swiss Leading House for Asia has decided to launch a special COVID-​​​19 call for project grants. The grant sum is max. 25.000 CHF per project, possible project duration up to 12 months. Deadline: 30 August 2020

Eligible countries: Japan, China (incl. Hong Kong and Taiwan), South Korea, ASEAN member states (partner countries) (incl. Singapore).

The current call comprises all scientific fields and is open for existing and new collaboration with partner universities or research institutes from the eligible countries mentioned above. We hope that the particular focus on funding for collaboration with partners from these countries may open up interesting opportunities to add a valuable dimension to your research. If you are looking for additional partners in these countries, or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Further information: