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Medizinische Fakultät

First "MeF connects": November 22nd, 2021

MeF connects are bottom-up organized and centered on a concrete aim/question. Participation is open to all MeF members. Organizers of MeF connects chose the format that best fits their aims/questions. The call for 2022 MeF connects will be opened end of 2021.

The mission of MeF connects is to foster collaboration between experimental / basic and translational / clinical research by facilitating exchange. 

The first issue of MeF connects takes place on November 22nd, 2021

Image analyses of complex tissues

New technology allows for the analysis of large volumes of tissues.
Developing computational methods may enhance image analyses and data
interpretation. The goal is to connect groups analyzing complex images and to exploit potential synergies.

Organizers: Prof. Adriano Aguzzi and Prof. Susanne Wegener

For more information see the Flyer (PDF, 388 KB)