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Leonhard Med Info Event: Support for LOOP Zurich proposals

In preparation for the submission of research proposals to the current LOOP Zurich open call (, we would like to invite you to the following info event “Leonhard Med Info Event: Scientific Data & IT Support for LOOP proposals” on 2 September, 16:00 - 16:45, via Zoom.

This event will provide practical information on the Scientific IT Infrastructure for sensitive personal data (e.g. biomedical research data) and it is addressed to principal investigators and other potential applicants who are preparing research proposals for the current LOOP open call.


The info event will be focused on the following questions:

Do I need to use a secure Scientific IT Infrastructure to store and process the sensitive personal patient data in the project?

Do I need to budget the access to a research IT Infrastructure in my proposal? Do I need a support letter and who to contact?

How do I securely transfer sensitive clinical and biomedical patient data to and from the secure Scientific IT Infrastructure?

Who could help develop and execute a Data Management Plan (DMP) for sensitive personal data?

Who could help develop and port my data analytics on such secure Scientific IT Infrastructure?

Who is responsible for the sensitive personal data in the project? What are the PI's and the researcher's responsibilities, respectively?

"Dos and Don'ts" with sensitive clinical and biomedical patient data - what is different compared to open-access research data?

What additional support is available for data protection issues?

Who shall I contact to further discuss data and IT management plan of my proposal?

The same information in German can be found HERE (PDF, 25 KB)