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Invitation to LERU training of Unconscious Bias Observers (UBOs) October 4-5, 2022, Lund University, Sweden

Lund University and Trinity College Dublin are holding a series of online training workshops for Unconscious Bias Observers (UBOs).

The overarching objectives of the workshops are:

  • to train UBOs drawn from the LERU members institutions.
  • to create a network of UBOs across European universities.

The workshops consist of lectures, group tasks, discussions and networking opportunities and aim to equip UBOs with the knowledge and tools they need to play their role effectively in ensuring that their institutions have recruitment processes that lead to fair and well-founded appointment decisions.


What are UBOs?

UBOs are people who serve on recruitment panels (or as part of other human resources processes) with the particular task of making the panel aware of any remarks, behaviors, or decisions that may be influenced by bias for or against particular candidates. If and when bias is an issue, UBOs are able to suggest practical ways that the panel can address and mitigate the effects of bias.


Practical information

The workshops will be held over Zoom and utilise a learning platform (Canvas or similar).


Starting time: October 4, 2022, midday.

End time: October 5, 2022, mid-afternoon.

Registration: at with deadline: August 15, 2022


More information can be found on the flyer (PDF, 392 KB).