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IBSA Foundation for scientific research - Fellowships 2022 Call; Deadline 31.12.2022

Every year, IBSA Foundation awards 6 fellowships, each worth € 30,000, to young researchers under the age of 40. The Fellowships are available to those enrolled in Universities and Institutes the world over who have distinguished themselves and are engaged in important projects in four areas of research, along with the area for the annual Special Edition.

Among its many initiatives, the Foundation dedicates resources to the promotion of fellowships in the various fields of basic research.

The Foundation recently launched the 10th edition of the IBSA Foundation Fellowships 2022 Call that awards 6 fellowships of € 30,000/each to young researchers under the age of 40, from Universities and Research Institutes around the world, who have distinguished themselves for their skills and have ongoing projects of particular relevance in the following research areas:

• dermatology

• endocrinology

• fertility/urology

• orthopaedics and rheumatology, pain medicine

and the 2022 special edition

• healthy aging

Please find more information about the Call on the IBSA Foundation's website

Silvia Herren