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FreeNovation: 2022 call for proposals

FreeNovation – A funding program of the Novartis Research Foundation:

• Regulation of mitochondrial function
• Pre-symptomatic detection of metabolic diseases
• Immune memory of tissues
Submit your application by 16th April 2022!

This kind of research funding by a Swiss foundation is unique in the field of life sciences in Switzerland. With this program, the Novartis Research Foundation wants to encourage unconventional thinking and further enhance the attractiveness of Switzerland as a research location. For the 2022 call for proposals, the Novartis Research Foundation is making available up to a total of CHF 2.7 million for a maximum of 15 projects. Each project can be funded with up to CHF 180,000. This will allow the researchers to pursue their objectives over a period of 18 months.

FreeNovation 2022 Call (PDF, 72 KB)

Guidelines for FreeNovation Applicants 2022 (PDF, 137 KB)