Call open: ERC-FOR-ME – A new funding program for physician-scientists

Are you a physician-scientist and considering submitting an ERC proposal? Then you may want to apply for support from ERC-FOR-ME and be awarded 40% protected research time for 12 months to prepare your ERC proposal. Application Deadline: 31 March 2021.

Researchers of the Faculty of Medicine successfully acquire ERC grants, but physician-scientists are underrepresented amongst the grantees. They often lack the time for generating preliminary data or to write the grant proposal. We want to improve this situation through ERC–FOR–ME, a funding program for physician-scientists.

Physician-scientists, who have an unequivocal intention of submitting an ERC starting grant (StG) or consolidator grant (CoG) and consider themselves within the top-10% regarding scientific excellence, can apply for the ERC–FOR–ME program.

Successful applicants will be supported with protected research time (40-50%) for an uninterrupted period of at least 12 months (max. CHF 100’000) preceding the StG or CoG application deadline.

There will be one call per year; physician scientists planning to submit a StG or CoG can equally apply for ERC–FOR–ME.

ERC–FOR–ME grantees must submit their ERC grant application in response to the first possible call towards the end of ERC–FOR–ME supported time; otherwise, the entire sum of the ERC–FOR–ME grant must be returned within 6 months.

Call for Proposals (PDF, 156 KB)

Contact person: Prof. Maries van den Broek, Vice Dean Research