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North-South Cooperation of UZH: Call for Proposals

The following instruments for cooperation with universities and research institutes in Africa can be funded:

  • Seed Money
  • Teaching Staff Mobility
  • Research Visits and Practical Training
  • Attendance at Conferences
  • Staff Training
  • Joint Summer Schools and Seminars

Further information including priority areas, details on funding instruments, procedures, and application is available on the website of the North-South Cooperation at

North-South Cooperation of UZH promotes exchange of knowledge and intercultural mutual learning through supporting sustainably designed research projects, teaching, and institutional capacity development. Central to all activities is a commitment to a reciprocal partnership between the cooperating institutions and individuals.

The support of cooperation projects between the University of Zurich and universities or research institutes in Africa is possible thanks to a yearly contribution of
CHF 100,000.- by the Jacobs Foundation.

Raffael Wehrli


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