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Gebert Rüf Stiftung, Call for Projects 2011

  • The final date for submission for applications will be July 29, 2011. After the evaluation and selection the final decisions will be communicated in early November 2011.
  • The grants will be awarded to projects that develop and/or implement novel approaches or technologies for the diagnosis, characterisation and/or treatment of rare genetic diseases.
  • To qualify for support, the project must be rooted at a Swiss university, university hospital, federal institute of technology, at research institutions affiliated with Swiss universites or at a university of applied sciences or at a research institution affiliated with Swiss universities.
  • Support is not restricted to already existing research groups but also to new groups.
  • The programme will finance the costs of salaries, consumables and equipment; infrastructure costs must be covered by the host institution.
  • Preference will be given to clearly defined projects with a maximum budget of CHF 500’000 for a period not exceeding three years.
  • The project may also be concurrently supported from other sources (e.g. Swiss Confederation, cantons, foundations, industry), however, the programme is not going to support gap financing.
  • Projects must comply with the regulations commonly in force in the research sector and have the necessary authorizations.
  • The documents must be submitted by a member of the project management team.

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