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Hier finden Sie das Weiterbildungsprogramm der gesamten Universität Zürich  


Further education

If after passing the Federal Examination in Medicine you would like to continue your education in one of the Institutes or Clinics of the University Hospital Zurich, please contact the appropriate institution. Please write an official letter directly to the relevant agency, and attach a curriculum vitae in German, English or French. Find the Institutes and Clinics.

We are pleased to inform you about the following continuing education and training programs at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich.


Master of Science in Medical Biology

Weiterbildungsprogramm Master of Public Health

PhD Program Biomedical Ethics and Law (PhD BmEL)

Aus- und Weiterbildungsangebot Didaktik

Fortbildungsprogramm UniversitätsSpital

Ärztliche Fortbildung Universität